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Jason Unwin

Jason Unwin

BMedicine (Beijing University of TCM)
MSc (Westminster University)
BSc (Middlesex University)

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Back pain

I have been very pleased with my treatment by Jason for a condition I’ve had on and off for over a year. I had intense pain and disturbed sleep resulting from my hip and knee problems and physiotherapy had failed to improve the situation. After the first treatment with Jason (out of two so far), I was already getting dramatic and immediate relief for the intense pain. I was originally somewhat sceptical that anything would come of acupuncture but felt I had nothing to lose, so was flabbergasted and delighted by the result. Deborah

A must try

I was recommended to try acupuncture to treat a shoulder impingement. I had previously sought the traditional remedy of a doctor; steroid injections and surgery was the next step. Even though I have a fear of needles I thought I would give it a go as I didn't want to undergo surgery and be laid up for months on end. Jason made me feel at ease and after just a few treatments my pain was a lot better. I am 100% convinced that acupuncture has alleviated my condition and made me feel better in myself generally, by carrying much less tension. I plan to continue seeing Jason, on a less frequent basis, because I know I will come out feeling very relaxed. Mark

Natural pregnancy

I went to the London Acupuncture Clinic for fertility. Having had the standard fertility tests, I had been told that my chances of conceiving naturally were low and should look at IVF and other options. I started acupuncture with Jason at the clinic as soon as I was told this and within three months I fell pregnant naturally with my beautiful baby girl. I cannot recommend the clinic and Jason highly enough. Thank you. Kirsty

Acupuncture in pregnancy

I have continued having acupuncture with Jason every week during my pregnancy, which has been invaluable for maintaining a relaxed and positive outlook. Jason has also periodically treated my neck and shoulder tension as needed, and, most recently, has almost entirely relieved the symptoms of my pregnancy-related carpal tunnel syndrome. Apart from the acupuncture itself, one of the most valuable aspects of my weekly treatments with Jason has been the opportunity to discuss how I am feeling, both physically and mentally. He has been a constant source of expert advice and reassurance and manages to create an atmosphere of quiet sympathy, support and encouragement during his consultations. I would wholeheartedly recommend his services, whether for fertility issues or support during pregnancy. Emma

Acupuncture helped me with IVF

I started acupuncture with Jason after a failed round of IVF. I was then 40 and was being treated for immune problems by my IVF clinic, but I also had a low ovarian reserve and irregular periods and was feeling pretty downbeat about my chances of getting pregnant. For the next 3 months I had an acupuncture treatment every week, during which Jason concentrated on improving my fertility, but at the same time was able to treat my long-standing neck and shoulder stiffness. Encouraged by Jason, I also worked hard on my nutrition and relaxation techniques during this time. By the time my next round of IVF started, my periods had become almost entirely regular and also less painful, with many fewer clots. I felt positive and relaxed, experienced much less discomfort from the IVF medication, and produced almost twice as many eggs as before, leading to a healthy pregnancy. Kate

A crucial component in my recovery

I saw Jason in March 2015 to seek his help with an autoimmune condition that I had just been diagnosed with a couple of months prior. I was suffering from a number of physical symptoms including body pains, numbness in my limbs and dizziness. I was still coming to terms with the diagnosis at that point, and Jason played a huge part in helping me to get relief from the symptoms I was facing at that time, and also getting a clearer picture of what lay ahead in terms of living with the condition and strategies to cope with it. This helped me to regain a lot of confidence in my health. The acupuncture treatments that Jason gave me have helped to reduce, if not eliminate, most of the issues that I saw him for and I can't thank him enough. A great TCM physician and a friend that I will cherish! Howey

Jason brought me back to health

In both diagnosis and treatment with acupuncture and herbal medicine Jason provided effective core solutions to a condition where conventional medicine only helplessly recognised the symptoms. Jason brought me back to health. Simon

A life changing experience

I began seeing Jason when I really felt nobody could help. I was underweight, my periods had stopped and the only thing being offered to me was HRT. As someone in her mid-thirties, this was not an attractive option so I looked at alternatives. That's when I stumbled across the exciting work of the London Acupuncture Centre. Within six months, to the astonishment of my NHS team, Jason restored my menstrual cycle to a regular pattern and completely changed my body shape. I have continued to see Jason for a range of complicated health problems with treatment providing relief if not full recovery. His approach is non-intimidating and non-judgmental. He listens and works with you to provide the best outcome through a mix of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. He is excellent value for money too. Pandora 

Arthritic knees

I went to see Jason a couple of months ago due to suffering from very bad arthritic knees which after a few sessions has become less painful enabling me to walk long distances again with more ease. It is incredible how much improvement I have achieved through acupuncture and I fully recommend anyone suffering from pain or inflammation problems to seek Jason out and give it a go! Steph

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