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Premature ovarian failure

Published On: Thursday, April 3, 2014
Category: Female Infertility

‘Pregnancy in premature ovarian failure after therapy using Chinese herbal medicine. A case study.’

A case study from Taiwan discusses the effective treatment of premature ovarian failure using Chinese herbal medicine.  Clomiphene citrate therapy over 8 months had not changed the FSH and LH levels from the postmenopausal range.  A course of four months treatment with Chinese herbal medicine based on Zuo gui wan induced an ovulation, and the patient fell pregnant.  The authors conclude that Chinese herbal medicine can restore ovarian function effectively and promptly and offers another option for treating infertility in patients with premature ovarian failure.

Chao SL, Huang LW, Yen HR. ‘Pregnancy in premature ovarian failure after therapy using Chinese herbal medicine.  A case study.’ Chang Gung Medical Journal 2003 Jun; 26(6): 449-52.   


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