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Acupuncture effective for PTSD in military veterans

Published On: Thursday, May 28, 2015
Category: Wellbeing & Stress Care Clinic

A brief course of acupuncture is effective for reducing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms in military veterans, according to a study carried out in the USA


Fifty-five service members meeting diagnostic criteria for PTSD were randomised to usual PTSD care (UPC) plus eight 60-minute sessions of acupuncture conducted twice weekly, or to UPC alone. Mean improvement in PTSD severity was significantly greater among those receiving acupuncture than in those receiving UPC. Acupuncture was also associated with significantly greater improvements in depression, pain and physical and mental health functioning. Pre-post effect-sizes for these outcomes were large and robust.

Randomized effectiveness trial of a brief course of acupuncture for posttraumatic stress disorder. Med Care. 2014 Dec;52 Suppl 5:S57-64.

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