Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Bath, Somerset

The Medical, 20 Rush Hill, Bath, Somerset

Jason is a doctor of Chinese Medicine who practices Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture at The Medical, 20 Rush Hill in Bath, Somerset.

Jason’s approach blends Chinese medicine philosophy with the science of integrative and functional medicine. He will carefully listen to and explore each person's case tailoring lifestyle, nutritional, herbal and holistic medicine advice to individually fit and support a journey into wellbeing and healthy ageing.

In his acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice in Bath, Somerset, Jason sees patients with general medicine and reproductive health conditions.

Typically, Jason treats patients in Bath, Somerset, for general health conditions including; musculoskeletal pain, wellbeing and stress, gynaecology, fertility and pregnancy, dermatology and integrative cancer care. And more recently long COVID conditions.

Jason has gained considerable experience in over 20 years of full time clinical practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture.


Jason's practice times in Bath, Somerset:

Saturday 9am-3pm


Costs in Bath, Somerset:

New patient £57   (60 minutes)

Follow up     £47   (45 minutes)


Wimpole Street Clinic, London

Rush Hill Clinic, Bath, Somerset

Chiswick Health Clinic, Chiswick, London

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By telephone:

Rush Hill Clinic:01225 444001

Wimpole Street Clinic:0207 935 2030

Chiswick Health Clinic:0208 742 7423

Talk with Jason: 07985 918 237

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